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Project Phenomenon Jested was founded around year 2000 due to the admiration of the Jested property and its authors with the intention to gain attention of the unique building structure and help to its overall renovation and putting its interiors to their original state.

The basics of the whole projects were a file of black-and-white photographs details of the 1 X 1 meter format of the project author, photographer Jiří Jiroutek.
Afterwards the project continued by publishing a calendar, which was ordered by statutory city of Liberec and in 2005 the author of the project published on his own expenses photography book PHENOMENON JESTED. The book was christened at the occasion of 32nd anniversary of Jested building structure and became at the same time a catalogue for the eponymous exhibition in the Gallery of Jaroslav Fragner at the Bethlehem square in Prague, where it was possible, besides photographs, to admire also last existing pieces from the original, no more existing hotel interior and Jested restaurant.
Besides other places, the exhibition was also presented for example in Brussels and St. Gallen and in reduced form, in 2008,  was also a part of a great exhibition about architecture and art of Eastern Europe during the cold war period “The Cold War Modern” in Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

With the effect of beginning of 2006 was Jested announced as National cultural heritage and currently the dealings are being held about making Phenomenon Jested a part of world cultural heritage sight of UNESCO.



Everyday barometer, miraculous
Horizon, light house on my way home.
The symbol of human creation, diligence and courage.
Partner in everyday life and also festive moments.

The project author, photographer Jiří Jiroutek (on the photograph with architect Karel Hubáček)


5 photographs from the collection PHENOMENON JEŠTĚD were chosen by professional committee to the finals of an international competition HASSELBLAD MASTERS 2010.
You can reserve and buy these photographs, after agreement, in limited edition on a gallery paper or as an interior picture up to the format 1,5 X 1,5 meters on the aluminium desk or photo-canvas.




Updates on Jested Phenomenon can be found in the Czech version on the web site only in the Czech language

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